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There are four types of banks in Hong Kong: licensed banks, which are allowed to accept deposits as well as operate savings and current accounts; restricted-licence banks, working on investments and capital markets, allowed to take deposits of HK$500,000 and above; deposit-taking companies, which business activities include consumer finance and securities, may take deposits of HK$100,000 or above; and representative offices of foreign banks.

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The Bank Holidays for 2015 in Hong Kong

The Bank Holidays for 2015 in Hong KongHong Kong employees enjoy every Sunday off as a holiday, but in addition to this there are 12 statutory holidays where the administrative region enjoys a day off to celebrate one specific and special occasion. Read more »

HSBC Products and Sevices in Hong Kong

HSBC Products and Sevices in Hong KongFounded in 1865, the HSBC Hong Kong is both one of the oldest active as well as the largest bank in the region. For a brief period of time from the late 1980s through the early 1990s, HSBC was known in Hong Kong as Hongkong Bank. Read more »

Hong Kong – The Financial Center of Asia-Pacific

Hong Kong - the financial center of Asia-PacificHong Kong has a special status: it is not considered offshore, but at the same time it does not tax companies operating outside of the country. Read more »

Tax Reporting for Companies Registered in Hong Kong

Tax reporting of Hong Kong companies
A Hong Kong company makes the first declaration for income taxes (Profit Tax return form) within 12 to 18 months from the date of its registration, and within the same period the first AGM (Annual General Meeting) should be conducted. Declarations on income tax must be completed and submitted to the Inland Revenue of Hong Kong within 1 month of receipt, if there is no resolution to the Office for an extension to this deadline. In practice, the Office sends the Declaration to companies in droves every year in early April. Read more »

Financial Sector of Hong Kong

Financial Sector of Hong KongHong Kong is the largest financial center in Asia and the third largest in the world (after New York and London). Hong Kong’s financial sector has global significance in areas such as initial public offering (IPO), insurance, banking, and maintenance of private capital (Hong Kong is the second largest center of private capital in Asia, which accounts for 18% of the market). Read more »

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Featured Banks in Hong Kong

ANZ Hong Kong

ANZ Hong Kong

ANZ Hong Kong is the regional office and headquarters for Northeast Asia, Europe and America of the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, the third largest bank by market capitalization in Australia. Read more »

Commonwealth bank Hong Kong

Commonwealth bank Hong Kong

Commonwealth bank Hong Kong is a subsidiary of the Commonwealth bank of Australia (Australian multinational bank). Read more »

NAB Hong Kong

National Australia Bank Hong Kong Branch logo

NAB Hong Kong is a branch of National Australia Bank – one of Australia’s major banks with over 12 million customers across 12 countries around the world. Read more »

Westpac Hong Kong

Westpac Hong Kong

Westpac Hong Kong is a branch of Australian banking and financial services provider, one of Australia’s big four banks and also the second-largest bank in New Zealand. Read more »

JP Morgan Hong Kong

jpmorgan hong kong logo

JP Morgan Hong Kong is the regional headquarters for J.P. Morgan’s business in the Asia Pacific region, which main function is to contribute to the operations and expansion of the mainland China operations. Read more »

RBC Hong Kong

RBC Hong Kong

RBC Wealth Management Hong Kong is a branch of the Royal Bank of Canada, the largest financial institution in Canada as measured by deposits, revenues, and market capitalization. Read more »

UBS Hong Kong

ubs hong kong logo

UBS Hong Kong, a division of the Switzerland based global financial services company UBS AG, employees nearly 2,500 people at its many locations in the Hong Kong Area.  Read more »

RBS Hong Kong

RBC Hong Kong logo

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) operates a branch in Hong Kong that serves as hub for its operations in Asia. By offering everything from risk management and investment solutions to transaction banking, foreign exchange, and financing, RBS Hong Kong is a powerful banking solution for expatriates in the region.  Read more »

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