HSBC has pledged more than HKD11 million to another class of HSBC Scholars in various scholarship programmes for the coming academic year 2016/17, benefitting 220 top Hong Kong students from different academic disciplines.

Diana Cesar, Chief Executive Hong Kong, HSBC, said, “Throughout our history, we have supported our community and have been supported by the community. So it’s important for us to ensure that our scholars share our passion for making Hong Kong a better place.

Your education will help you acquire a wide range of valuable knowledge and skills – and these will enable you to make a real difference to the community, as well as to build your own career.”

As part of HSBC’s steadfast commitment to investing in the future of the Hong Kong community, HSBC Scholarship Programmes aim to provide support to students in undergraduate study and vocational education to realise their dreams and ambitions. The programme includes the HSBC Overseas Scholarship, the HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship,
the HSBC Social Work Scholarship, the HSBC Vocational Education Scholarship and the Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme.

These 220 outstanding Hong Kong students acquired the prestigious title of HSBC Scholars and were recognised at the HSBC Scholars Day 2017, hosted by Diana Cesar, Chief Executive Hong Kong, HSBC. They joined over 5,500 others who have achieved this status since 1965. Apart from academic excellence and good performance at panel interviews,
HSBC Scholars must demonstrate their commitment to serving the Hong Kong community.

Among this year’s HSBC Scholars, Singh Taranvir from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, was awarded the HSBC Overseas Scholarship 2017/18 with a maximum scholarship amount of HKD300,000 to study at the London School of Economics and Political Science for one year. He shared his experience, “I need to pass two rounds of panel interviews conducted by HSBC senior executives. This strict but exciting process was a memorable learning experience itself. The scholarship further strengths my identity as a Hongkonger who would like to make a contribution to building a better community. I would like to thank HSBC wholeheartedly for their tremendous support, which helps me realise my dream of studying in UK.”

HSBC Scholarship Programmes for academic year 2017/18 will commence in the next semester. Interested undergraduate or sub-degree students can approach the student affairs office at their universities for application details.

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